Touch-Typing For Kids

Touch-Typing For Kids

Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I suppose in my profession I should be a fluent, expert typist; but the truth is, after all these years, I still hunt and peck. Lots of people do, but the truth of the matter is, I could be so much more proficient and save myself so much more time if I would have just taken the time to learn to touch-type. Perhaps this is my chance. I know its for kids, but if they can learn it, so can I, right?!?

KidzType is a website specifically designed with your children in mind. That’s not a lot of fancy talk to get into your wallet, This learning tool for your children is free. It’s FREE!?! “What’s the catch?” you might say. Well, the truth is, there’s no catch. Yes, you heard it right, its free to all who dare to be better! . Follow this link to see for yourself:

Let’s face it, They are probably always going to need to be typing with all the laptops and tablets, … it’s inevitable!

They use a typing chart that is color coded to help them remember which fingers to use. They keep it simple so that they can get it right and then build on the things that they already know. With this concept, KidzType uses something that they call “Dance Mat” which is where they start their journey into the world of typing.

Here’s a video that they put out so that you get an idea of what they are all about.

There are many levels and many stages for them to enjoy as they learn the keyboard and letters.

It is the repeated motion that gives your hands muscle-memory. That repeated motion is what makes it easier each time you do something, so practice, practice, practice!

They even give your child a diploma at the end. Something that they can add to their accomplishments as well as giving them incentive.

Well, it can’t be all work and no play. With KidzType, they also have games that they can play that will also re-enforce what they have already learned into a game to play that is fun and keeps them practicing without it feeling like work. Here is the link to their games:

And they have lots of games. These are only a few of them.

With a strong foundation, they will become better, and that’s where KidzType comes in. Once they learn how to touch-type, then whatever typing they do will become much easier for them and they will spend less time hunting and pecking like me… I would have had this post written a long time ago if I had just learned to touch-type when I was younger… Why don’t you head on over to KidzType now. Their website can be found here: I’ll probably see you there,

I hope that this helps…